Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 15: Family Picture

Sure I could've drawn an actual picture of my family but this is way more fun. Each thing represents one of my family members. 

The owl represents my dad; he's the wisest person I know. The cool thing about owls is how much time the mom and dad spend teaching their young how to fly and how to hunt; they don't just knock them out of the nest like some birds, but they really prepare them. I'd say my dad was an excellent teacher. The Lord's definitely going to say, "Well done." when He sees him. 

The knitting needles and yarn represents my mom, not just because she is so crafty (which she totally is) but because of what you make with them; you make sweaters and scarves with it. Scarves and sweaters are comforting, warm, and make you feel at home; that's my mom. She is the most loving person that I know. I never have had to wonder how God loves us because she has exhibited the mother heart of God in ways I can only hope to mimic. 

The whisk represents my sister; she's a cook, she's funky, she's strong, she's what brings us all together. My sister loves holidays and traditions, the things that make a family so unique and beautiful, the things that always bring families together just like a whisk brings the ingredients into one blend. Also, no kitchen is complete without a whisk and we would not be complete without Melissa. She's smart, talented, amazing, funny and my best friend. 

The tv well that's me because everyone knows that I'm the entertainment...I always have been and always will be. 

That's the Gray Family


  1. I love it, I would love for you to do this in color or in pencil and send it to us, so that we can frame it and then we could print out the description of each of us and frame it beside the new family portrait. ( if I had a tissue I might shed a tear over this )


  2. Well Daddy, I had a tissue and I literally cried. I love you Stephanie and you are the entertainment. You are my best friend and I love you so much!!!


  3. I love this one!!! You are a treasure!