Thursday, August 16, 2012


Lomography is a movement of people seeking to get back in touch with the roots of photography by using film to gain the effects that are now being recreated by instagram and various photo editing applications.

Call it a fad, call me a hipster; I don't care. Last year I tried my hand at pinhole photography and really enjoyed the process of making my own camera and then playing with exposures, shutters, frames, and manipulation of film. So now I'm playing around with 35mm toy cameras, 110 film cameras, and Polaroids.

So why do it when you can get the same, if not better, effects by using an iphone app? Because anyone can use an app, but there's something about creating something with your own hands. It's no longer about the quickness with which you can take a photograph, alter it to your liking, and post it for the world to see; it's about the patience and the mystery of not knowing what it'll look like. In a fast-food culture, it's nice to slow down and submit yourself to waiting.

Round 1 involved a 35mm point and shoot camera with a fixed focus 28mm lens. It has the "First Union" bank seal on the back so it was probably some cheap as give-away. Years later I find it in a 99 cent bin and badabing, score for me! It was broken and I took it all apart and fixed it. (A fact I'm very proud of). So here are some of my favorites from the first round of pictures from this camera.



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