Friday, November 30, 2012

Can't to Can

In the last chapters of the book of Judges you read a gruesome story about a war between the tribe of Benjamin and the rest of Israel. (Check out Chapters 19 and 20 for that story). When the fighting was over, the tribe of Benjamin was left in really bad shape. Tens of thousands of Benjaminites were killed obviously leaving the population in dire need.

Now Israel had previously sworn that they would not give their daughters as wives to the tribe of Benjamin and here they are left with a predicament. Do they watch a tribe of Israel die out or do they help? Judges 21 tells of how they worked, fought, and saught out a way to provide wives to their brothers.

The rest of the tribes could have stopped at what they couldn't give and left it at that, but instead they worked to find a way to give.

So many times we stop at what we don't have and we end up not giving anything at all.

Israel had to get creative. They had to think outside the box, outside the limitations. If they really wanted to help, which they did, they would have to find a way. Do we do that? Do we look until we find a way? Or do we hesitate at 'The Borders of Can't'?

Watch this video and see how this guy embraced his "can't" and turned it into something beautiful.

Don't stop at what you think you can't do, what you can't give, and look for what you can give. Don't settle for only supporting someone else's way giving, although good. Giving to someone else's means of loving their neighbor and brother will never fulfill you like you loving your neighbor and brother as only you can would.

Look beyond. Get creative. And find a way to help if you really do indeed care.


  1. This post and the video was very inspirational. I tend to get caught up with being perfect and what my limitations are. But instead, I could think of my limitations as an opportunity for something crazy and awesome to happen. Thank you for re-awakening my creativity!