Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Create and Re-discover

My good friend from DTS, Regina, posted a blog entry titled, "Reminder: Just Create. Something...Anything" And after buying a couple Jessie J songs that inspired me I went grabbed some cheap paints from Dollar General, grabbed some cardboard from the trash pile and I painted. What...I didn't know but I needed to create something...anything.
This is what I came out with. Is it great? -No. It's just a grown up finger painting.  The importance of creating is not that it gets us somewhere but that you're saying something. Lately I've been feeling incredibly contained; this, however, doesn't depict something contained.

What's inside us is dying to get out.
I'm going to copy Regina and post a video by Jessie J that is incredibly fitting.
Listen, create, re-discover

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