Friday, June 10, 2011

No Worries

I was watching one of my favorite movies, Finding Nemo, with my sister this morning and God really spoke to me through it and showed me some things I've been missing lately.
First watch this clip:
So you remember when The Lion King came out and in it the infamous song "Hakuna Matata"? Of course you do. I don't know who it was that said it but I can remember being told that was a bad song, unrealistic, and irresponsible. Because apparently you're not really living in reality if you don't have worries. What do we call people without worries? Naive?

I love the picture that's painted in this clip. Here we see Marlin literally banging his head against a wall trying to get out while Dory is literally just going with the flow. Marlin is feeling frustrated, contained, blocked and maybe even toyed with. The whale stops, tells them it's time to go and Marlin refuses; hanging onto what he knows. The whale says it's time to let go and, like a child, Dory just says, "okay" and does it. Marlin tries to stop her from doing something, he thinks is stupid, irresponsible and dangerous and says, "How do you know something bad isn't gonna happen?" Dory's response?- "I don't." Marlin finally let's go and ends up right where he needed to be. 

All I could say was, "Ouch Charlie!"  Then I read Philippians 2 and in verse 8 it says, "...He humbled Himself by becoming obedient..." Following me? The whole theme of Philippians 2 is really to consider others interests as more important than your own. (Time to get vulnerable) I have not been doing this. I've been worried, stressed, frustrated, and more. I've been a perfect rendition of Marlin; banging my head against a wall trying to get out; refusing to let go, hanging onto what I know. I realized how "me-centered" I've been lately. I asked God, "What is it that has gotten me so 'me-centered' lately?" Before I could even get the question out He fed me back the answer- worry. He took me back to Luke 12 where Jesus instructs us to not be anxious about anything but to seek first His Kingdom and the rest will be added to you. 
*Press play and listen to this song as you read the read the rest (it sets the tone)* The last time I was a mess worrying about my future, what I was going to do and where I was going to go was on DTS. And God gave me this picture of myself jumping off a cliff, a waterfall in behind, and my face was just filled with pure excitement and joy. No fear, no worry, no confusion, no regrets and no reserves. 

It doesn't matter where along the road I forgot that or at what point I stopped going with the flow, stopped having a no worries attitude, stopped just loving every second of every day and having fun. No worries ...start now.

If you've ever jumped off a waterfall, I did it every chance I got in Thailand, you know that taking the jump is a really hard and scary thing. There are 1000s of worries present but once you jump you forget all about those and you just enjoy the ride.

We all know we'd rather be the Dory in the belly of the whale; the meerkat and the warthog. We all look at kids and we're envious of the days when we didn't have a care in the world. Who the heck says that we can't still be like that?! I'm not saying that to have a "no worries" attitude is to be ignorant of all else but it's to be completely aware of it all and to still make the choice not to to let it bring you down or slow you down.

Maybe you're on the edge of something and there are a 1000 worries screaming in your face or maybe you're like me and you've already made the jump. Either way there's a great ride to be enjoyed here; why not just enjoy it? Hakuna Matata 

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