Monday, July 11, 2011

A Trip vs. A Journey

I've been contemplating the difference between a trip and a journey these past couple of days as I've been getting support letters ready. I've been looking back over my DTS experience and summarizing it, cutting out the highlights to be shared with those who helped me get there. All in all, to convey that what I went through was not a trip but rather the beginning of a journey; a journey that carries over into my next move to Australia which is also not a trip but a point along the same journey.

If it had been a trip then it would have a beginning and an end, a start and a finish, a opening and closing. But if it's a journey then it's apart of something bigger that's integrated, carried on, and continued.
So stop and examine what you are doing and ask, "Is this a trip or apart of a journey?" Is there purpose in what you're doing? Is there a reason? Do you have goals that you hope that this "thing" you're doing right now will help you get to? OR, is it just a tumbleweed thing; you're just going where you're being directed without any real say or resistance; it will end someday, somewhere but you just don't know when or where?

Life is a journey and there's nothing wrong with a few trips here and there, we're not a connect-the-dots kind of drawing after all. In fact, we're more like freehand drawings; mistakes and slip-ups are good for us and add to our beauty. But don't waste your time taking trips to avoid facing the journey.

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