Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Sketch Frame

I saw this in Target for a price I was unwilling to pay so I decided to make it for myself. Ending cost = $2

So here's my How To:

Supplies: frame (I found an old one laying around), sketch book (found one at Dollar General for $2), exact-o knife, elmers glue, super glue, and a ruler



1. Rip off the cover of the sketch book being careful not to mess up the already existing glue binding. Then reinforce the binding with elmers glue using your finger or a brush to smooth it out. Leave it until it dries.

2. Measure the size of the frame and cut your sketchbook to fit. You can use an exact-o knife or you can use a rotary cutter (either works).

3. Now that you have your sketch book sized down, you want to measure out the inner part of the frame and carefully cut that out.


4. Super glue the frame and press the sketchbook until it dries.







5. Draw away!



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