Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Voice Audition Experience

Unbeknownst to most, I signed up long ago to audition for The Voice and had since been preparing. My motivation: Why not? I wasn't really hoping to make it onto the show, I was just really curious to see how far I could go and what the whole experience would be like. So here's what it was like:

My audition was at 2pm. We left the house at 6am, got to Atlanta around 11:30 and I was in line by noon. I was really glad I got there early because I was only about 20 feet from the registration table and if I had been any further away, the wait might have killed me. Waiting for registration was the longest process, but it gave you a chance to meet a lot of interesting and talented people. While waiting in line (and even in the bathroom) people were singing, playing guitar, talking, eating; one girl even brought a pillow and was chillin in line. A couple of times one of the staff came round with a megaphone and would give the crowd songs to sing which not too many people joined in on until she requested we all stand and sing the national anthem and then everyone sang. It was an awesome, chilling sound to hear all these talented singers in perfect harmony. And at that the registration was over, we were grouped off into groups of ten, sat down and waited to be called back. When we were called back, we were led to another waiting area, then to another hallway with ten doors each opening up to another room with 10 chairs and a producer- This is where your audition would begin and end. We went in, she called our names at random and we said our name, where we're from and our song and then we sang a verse and a chorus and were done. At the end of everyone singing she politely informed that she needed more time to think about one person, but that she was going to pass on the rest of us and that was it.

Now as for what I enjoyed; I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet so many talented people, the energy of being amongst such creativity was unlike any other. Everyone was so encouraging and supportive of one another, everyone wishing each other good luck and anytime someone came out with a red card (meaning they made it to the second audition) the crowd went wild with applause and congratulations. The coolest part, by far, was as myself and the other 9 were waiting outside the room we were going to audition in one girl turned around and asked if we believed in God and could we pray. So right there in front of the audition room we all circled up and thanked God for the gifts He had given us and the chance to be on a stage for Him. Such a cool experience.

Now obviously I didn't get chosen, or else that would have already been mentioned, but not making it is nothing to be ashamed of. There were 5 people I sang with that had phenomenal voices and even they got passed on. The thing is that you are singing in front of ONE producer and that ONE producer has a certain type they are waiting for and just because you don't fit that mold they are looking for that does not reflect on your talent; a truth which the producers themselves graciously affirmed.

Auditioning was a great experience and I'm so glad that I did it! It will be exciting to see if anyone that I got to meet made it to the blind auditions, and if so I'll be rooting for them. Auditioning also made me remember why I love music. I didn't really enjoy the added competition factor into the art I so love. I love music because it's an avenue for me to pour out through and in so doing, be filled. It's not about being the best, fitting the mold, or being popular or sought after; it's about loving the art and so blessing through it.


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