Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Present Gift

I'm always confused, rather disturbed, by Christians who speak resentfully of the earth; saying things such as, "This world has nothing for me." To which my reply is, "Then why did He put you here, I wonder?"

We've grown up with teachings telling us to live for heaven, store up your treasures in heaven, you weren't made for this earth, don't focus on this life- focus on the life to come, etc.

The teachings of course are good-intended and can be traced back to the Bible, but the Bible is full of balance and part of the scale here, I feel, is missing.

The earth is far more than your in-between, your purgatory. I think it is even far more than a training ground. It is our world. And put the emphasis on our. It is our present and, as such, it is a gift.

Have you seen this place?! Have you seen the beauty that has been planted here?! The first thing we learn about when we open our Bible is about God as Creator. We see the care and the creativity He put into making this beautiful planet we so take for granted. God said, "It is good." and we say, "Not good enough."

Are we so arrogant as to resent, or even despise, the earth that our God created? And if it is a training ground then do you really think that your attitude toward it is not being taken note of? Oughtn't we to love the things He loves and hate the things He hates? Oughtn't we to care for the things He cares for and has thusly entrusted to us?

Why did He put you here? Was it simply to do and to wait? Or was it to be?

Just a thought.


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