Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 21: Justice

Justice comes twice in the Justice Drawing Challenge. Why? Because justice will always look different, both for you and the recipient, depending on the situation. What justice looks like for the rescued sex slave is different than justice for an exploited coffee farmer and therefore our role looks different as well.

Justice is an interesting work because in order for others to have justice, it always requires sacrifice. For those of us who may be working or helping towards justice for others, it requires the laying down of our rights. As humans we all have certain innate rights that we carry and enjoy, but there are other rights that we have claimed for ourselves because they have been made available to us. For example, right to comfort, right to security, right to safety, right to _____, etc. These aren't bad things and they're nothing to be ashamed of, however these things can sometimes serve as a wall that make it difficult for us to reach those in need. People who are captured by injustice are not in the best of circumstances. It's only when we can leave comfort and rights behind that we can actually come where they are to help.

Our rights are much like a seatbelt, they are a comfort, a felt-need, a security. But how can you get out of the car to go where the people are if you still have your seatbelt on?

We must lay down our rights for others. We must lay down our rights so that justice can flow freely. Will you lay them down?


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