Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 30: My Next Step

Now this may not be a drawing but it's a picture of what I'm drawing up. I'm working on another 30 Day Justice Challenge; only this time it's not with pens or pencils, it's with cameras. I'd be a total fool to try and rush it, so you'll just have to wait and I'll keep working.

I so thoroughly enjoyed the 30 Day Justice Drawing Challenge. It really was a challenge for me to apply all that I've learned, thus far; to not exploit people in my drawings, to say a 1000 words in a sketch, to outline hope, to go beyond the common image. I loved seeing my two passions married through this challenge. As it started to wind down, I began to think, "What am I going to do when this is over? I've enjoyed it too much." That's when God gave me the idea for this next project. It'll be similar topics, with a few new ones, but totally different sources for inspiration and awareness. Be on the look out!

HUGE thank you to everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest who shared, liked, retweeted, and re-pinned the links to help spread awareness. Also a big thank you to Phil Cunningham at Steps of Justice for the work he did with the Steps of Justice Prayer and Action Guide, where I got a lot of inspiration and help for organization links.


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