Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 14: child soldiers

Shooting them before they can fly.

The UNICEF estimates that there are some 300,000 children (boys and girls under 18) involved in over 30 conflicts around the world. That means that over 300,000 children were abducted, manipulated, brainwashed, and were robbed of their childhood, their innocence and their free will. They were taken at the moment they are most vulnerable. They were "shot" before they could fly.

Thanks to Kony2012 the world is more aware, than ever before, about the horrors of child soldiers. You can join their movement to help bring a man responsible for a good percentage of the 300,000 children abducted,Joseph Kony, to justice.

Also check out Emmanuel Jal and his work to protect and save Africa. He himself was a child soldier and now uses music to tell his story and encourage positive action.

There are certainly more organizations and people working toward justice for these children; don't stop at just these two, but don't ignore them either.

Photos that didn't make it:



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