Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kony 2012


I don't know how you felt, but at the end of the video I was sold. I've followed Invisible Children's work for a while, I even looked at applying for a job with them; so maybe for me it was an easier jump. I went right to the website, went to the store, clicked on the action pack and got all the way until the point of no return when I saw the big number behind the dollar sign and I came to a halt.
I have about $25 a week budgeted for my personal expenses. I have no job besides the full time volunteer work that people support me financially to do. People entrust their hard earned money to me to live and to work. So I prayed...

...and I bought it. Let me explain why.

I have given my life to help the broken. The only way that I can do that is firstly through the help and power of Christ and secondly, through the things that I have in my hands. I cover my blogs, my twitter, my facebook, my lyrics, my music, my art, my work, my speech, my thoughts, my reading, myself and my environment with my passion for justice in an effort to stand in the gap for the voiceless. How could I halt? How could I not click and put my money where my heart is? The money that I've been entrusted with to accomplish this work for which I've been called. Yeah it was expensive and I'm going to have to make some serious adjustments in my budget for the rest of this month, but it proves to be far more valuable than the pennies that would have been saved.

Let's put our money, our time and our efforts where our heart is.

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